Manage Clinic Operations and Patient Communication

You Own your Data, no one else!

A one-stop solution where the communication between the doctor/clinic and the patients gets seamless, smooth, easily accessible. With all roadblocks gone, your consultations become faster.
Gives doctors the autonomy and privacy of using a custom-made interface. Data privacy and security practices can safely be taken for granted here as we value the clinic's need for absolute statistical security. The patient's medical history with photographs and reports can be safely saved here.
No herding of accounts, we equip clinics with customised logos and branding. Doctors can track the entire billing or a particular patient's billing on the app itself. Try ProCliniq to enhance your practice and its digital footprint further.

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15 days trial of all the features

★ Patient Management

★  Appointments

★ Doctors Management

★ Patient Records Management

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All Basic features

★ Customer Connect - Email Or Whatsapp Notifications

★ Android Mobile Application for Clinic Operations

★ Leads Management

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All Premium

★ Personalized Customer Mobile Application

★ Private Cloud Hosting

★ Data Maintained Exclusively For You.

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